Depression is a very insidious disease

By Queens Courier Staff |

I’ve had just read an interesting article by Father Frank Mann titled, “Battling the Savage Beast of Depression.” I’ve known Father Mann for many years and he served as a priest at St. Anastasia Parish in Douglaston and found him very concerned about the pain of others.
In the article he spoke about visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art for an exhibition of the late artist Alexander McQueen. The artist hanged himself at the age of 40 on February 10, 2010 due to years of suffering from depression – such a creative man who died much too young.
Father Mann hit it right on the head when he said, “Depression is an existential tsunami that takes its tumultuous toll and gradually erodes one’s ability to experience meaning and enjoyment in life.”
I understand this first hand for I know and love someone very much who has suffered from this insidious disease for many years. She takes medication and has had therapy, but still has moments of sadness that I wish I could make go away. There are countless of people like this who suffer greatly, some of whom are afraid to get help but should before it is too late.
We all need to be supported and need to show compassion. In the end I believe compassion can go a long way in the process of helping those who are in a great amount of emotional pain.