Customer Service That Keeps Me Coming Back for More…

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More often than not, I find myself surprised to receive stellar customer service from vendors that I would least expect to deliver even average customer service.   I buy all my web domain names from GoDaddy, not because I’ve had a positive experience using the service provider but simply out of habit.  I recently bought a few new domain names and decided to buy extra security for each one.  In a few clicks, I was done.


Shortly afterwards my cell phone rang.  It was a representative from GoDaddy calling to confirm the details of my purchase.  Pleasantly surprised, I went over my purchase with the customer service representative, Dan.  After reviewing my items, Dan alerted me to the fact that the certification I’d bought for each domain name wasn’t necessary and refunded my card for a significant portion of my purchase.


Needless to say, I was surprised at the level of service provided from a purchase that I hadn’t really put much thought into, and I was even more surprised at the level of detail and attention I received from Dan.  He went above and beyond by bringing the unnecessary items to my attention and refunding my card.   I used this as a lesson for my staff; listen to the customer when they call and really make sure we are addressing their needs properly.  Making a small correction or adjustment to their services will pay off in long term customer loyalty.  Speaking of loyatly, you can be sure that I will be a loyal GoDaddy customer going forward.