Changing the Way You Reach Clients and Customers

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It’s estimated that there are about four billion mobile phones in use worldwide. That’s right folks not four million, FOUR BILLION! Meaning that just about 70% of the world’s population is connected to the handheld device. The smartphone industry is growing at an astounding rate and 2012 could prove to be a big year in regards to mobile expansion and innovation.

As a small business owner and business professional, why not take advantage of the huge audience that you’re able to reach. By taking a few small steps you can reach the mobile masses and not miss out on the important thing that is most important, sales.

Ensuring that you’ve got a mobile friendly website is one of the first steps you can take towards reaching your audience. There are a lot of great services and plug-ins that won’t break your budget but can still help optimize your site for mobile browsing.

Allowing customers to buy with ease has always been top priority for any business owner. But in the on the go, non-stop modern world we live in it’s all about allowing your customers to buy at their convenience. Now any retailer or business, large or small can have the ability to accept and process credit card payments in real time from their smartphone. Allowing you to make a transaction on the spot and capitalize on an opportunity the moment it presents itself.

Another mobile avenue small businesses need to become familiar with is mobile apps. It’s estimated that more than 25 billion apps are to be sold in 2012. In some cases it seems that smartphone applications have changed and had a big impact on the way small business operate. They easily allow new and returning customers to interact with products and services and are starting to become more of an integral part to a business’s marketing plan.

These are only a few trends that will change the way businesses use mobile devices in 2012 and in the future. With technology ever changing and always growing, be sure to stay on top of the way it evolves to better help your business.