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My grandson Sam Broner graduated from from Dalton.

I think of my dad, Marty Adler, often and it warms my heart as I remember his many kindnesses and the love he showered on me.

He was in one business in Brooklyn for over 50 years and I recall how he kept each year’s sales figures on a small business card, marking each week by the weather or other extenuating circumstances.

I think it was working for him from when I was eight years old that gave me my love of sales and helping people.

Throughout his life he was my steady rock, so much like my husband Stu. It’s said you marry someone like your father, and I believe I did!

I love them both so much . . .

This year was a special Father’s Day, because after being home for two weeks, my husband Stu had been readmitted to St. Francis Hospital with another infection. But on Sunday I got the best present when he was cleared to come home.

As we were driving home from the hospital he asked me to do a Father’s Day barbecue. So I stopped at a small, new meat market and found all the fixings from ground chuck hamburgers to hot dogs to chicken kebobs to salmon. They also sold the rolls and the extras like potato salad, tomatoes and mozzarella balls, so I was ready to go. To our delight Stu’s daughters Mimi and Eve and their gorgeous sons joined us. My son Josh stopped by, as did my daughter Samantha and her precious three-year-old Morgan, along with friends and neighbors, the Frankels. So we had a spontaneous party.

Stu was moved to see them all and I think an unplanned party can be the best, but the night before, my friend Harriet Galfas successfully pulled off a carefully planned surprise birthday party for her husband Freddy. I was so happy for both of them and glad to be there to help them in their celebration. Freddy didn’t have a clue — that’s a man for you!

A week ago I was bragging about my grandson, Sam Broner. Well, this week was his graduation from Dalton held at the Time Warner building’s auditorium in Manhattan and I joyously joined the family.

Because of his last name he was positioned smack in the middle of the front row and I had a great seat to see that he did not stop smiling. He’s off to sleep away camp, having graduated to a counselor position at Camp Lenox, and then will begin his college career at Tufts University.