Can Comedy and Opera Mix Well?

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For those of you who think “opera” is a four letter word, the Rockaway Theatre Company turns the brooding opus “Otello” into the premise for an outrageously funny comedy, “Lend Me a Tenor.”
A case of mistaken identities reminiscent of the Marx brothers, some overly excitable divas (Barbara J. Kelly, Jodee Timpone, Susan Corning) and a few males with schemes of their own, including conniving (Cliff Hesse) provide a great evening’s entertainment, well handled by director Peggy Page and producer Susan Jasper.
Real operatic solos, beautifully executed by diamond in the rough Max (David Risley) deceives his star struck girlfriend Maggie (Kim Simek). More strong operatic sounds leave the lips of mythical impresario Tito (Baltsar Beckeld). A higher pitched but equally resonant performance emanates from an eccentric bellhop (Frank Caiati).
Basically, adding a pinch of opera to a riotous comedy is a perfect mix. What do you think? Catch the show at Fort Tilden in the Gateway National Recreation Area in Rockaway. Call (718) 374-6400 or surf to or Then decide if opera and comedy are a good mix.
I’d really like to know.