Bus Courtesy

By Queens Courier Staff |

I was on the Q46 bus the other day which travels along Union Turnpike from Kew Gardens to Long Island Jewish Hospital in Floral Park. Now on the bus, as with all buses, there is a sign which reserves seats at the front of bus for the elderly or handicap when needed and one is expected to give up that seat for these people. Well, while I was on the bus I saw a woman board our crowded bus who was elderly and had trouble walking and was standing as a young man was seated in the front seat of the bus. Another man who was also standing said to this man seated,” Why don’t you give this seat to this poor woman?” This man did not seem happy and was embarrassed to do so, but did. Well in my book he should have done the right thing from the very beginning. I spoke to the woman later and she said she would have said something herself but it was not in her nature to make a scene. My question is whatever happenned to common courtesy for those of us who are elderly and handicap or for that matter pregnant and travel on our New York City buses. I think when we see someone like I have just mentioned, we should give up our seat for that is the only right thing to do.