Bob Friedrich fights Queens tax assestment

By Queens Courier Staff |

I would like to applaud Bob Friedrich, president of Glen Oaks Village for fighting aganist the unfair tax assessment in Queens concerning tax increase on co-ops. As reported in the Queens Courier, Department of Finance Commissioner David Frankel had assessed property in Queens with increased property values as high as 147%. Now because of owner outrage he has caped it at 50%. This still is an unfair burden on the middle class and for people like myself who are just barely making it in this economy. What I don’t understand is that with the recession and high unemployment still with us and, added to that, property owners have been forced to sell their property for less than what they paid for it…So how can the DOF say Queens was undervalued in past assessments. Now Councilman David Weprin has also entered the fight and said at the recent Community Board 7 meeting, "Why should DOF punish co-op share holders for their past mistakes." Well I totally agree. Also at this same meeting it was reported that Bob Friedrich was so out spoken at the meeting the police was called by the chairman to silence Bob. At that Bob had said, “When the unruly peasants dare to speak up… we irritate them and they asked us to be whisked away." Bravo Bob, you said it right and true, keep up the good work for the middle class.