Bare Feet to feature Italy tours

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Italy and Italians have always been known for their lively spirit and love of music and dance.  To highlight that cultural experience, Mickela Mallozzi will bring that heritage to visitors and viewers of her dance and music.  She will also offer branded tours in 2013.

“The Bare Feet Tour idea started years ago,” Mallozzi said, “initially a tour idea much like wine tours, culinary tours and bicycle tours.  I want to bring the Bare Feet concept back to its roots and inspire viewers of the series to go out and experience the dance themselves.”

The web series recently premiered on YouTube.  And was created and hosted by Mallozzi.  The online travel show follows Mickela as she travels the globe uncovering the dances and music culture of every place she visits.  New episodes air every Thursday.

In the Bare Feet in Italy series premier Mallozzi takes viewers on a personal journey back to her family’s home town of Minturno, Italy to discover her roots through local dance and music during the town’s annual wheat harvest festival (La Sagra Delle Regne).

“This is just the beginning for Bare Feet,” she said.  “It is where my own journey starts, beginning with my family’s culture.  There is a whole world out there and I plan on experiencing it one dance at a time.”

“We are excited to launch a new take on travel for all audiences with Bare Feet,” commented Sarah Penna, co-founder and head of talent at Big Frame, the entertainment working with Mallozzi to produce and broadcast the show.  “Travel is a category that is underserved on YouTube and this show allows viewers to experience firsthand how music and dance are so important in the destinations that Mickela will travel to as well as allowing the true culture of local people to shine through.”

Big Frame is a YouTube media company that helps creators develop audience, monetize content and build sustainable career trajectories on and offline.  The company will work with Bare Feet to further expand the franchise.

During the six weekly Bare Feet in Italy programs Mickela will take viewers for an inside look into the world of little sleepy Southern Italian living; meet with Giuseppe, organizer of a town’s annual feast as he guides her through the traditions of preparing for the festivities; she is given the opportunity to jump in the rehearsals only a few days before the feast with the oldest traditional dance group from the town, I Giullari, hoping to grasp the dance style and stories that the group prepares for all year long; she is given the opportunity to dress up and perform with I Giullari in the piazza before thousands of people in the feast’s finale; in a bonus video Mallozzi brings it home with a cooking lesson from her grandmother, Nonna Pina.

Partnering with Walks of Italy and Open Sky Expeditions, Mickela will offer tours based on the series.

The Bare Feet Tour with Walks of Italy will offer a day in the Apulia region, hosting workshops on la pizzica, the traditional dance of this region.  Along with dance classes and history on the music and dance, the itinerary will include a traditional tour of the historic city of Baria long with an authentic experience dancing la pizzica with local residents.

Moving away from Italy Bare Feet is creating a Puerto Rico tour with Open Sky Expeditions to offer unique ways of experiencing the culture of the island through salsa, bomba, plena and rumba.