Atheists sue to ban 9/11 cross

By Queens Courier Staff |

United States atheists are suing to try to block a cross-shaped steel girder once part of the World Trade Center from being displayed in the upcoming 9/11 museum. The issue concerns a cross shape piece of steel that gave many hope and faith. The atheists contend this violates separation of church and state because government money is involved in the project. In my view the object in question is part of the history of that day of infamy and should be included. As for the atheists law suit let me say, please get real. I believe this is an important artifact that tells in part a very important story. You see when things were at their very worst we found the strength to be at our very best. Now what did this? Well it was our faith and belief in a higher power that we can rebuild. Furthermore this steel remnant became a symbol of spiritual comfort for the thousands of recovery workers who toiled at ground zero. We must embrace our past so history does not repeat itself. History is something that needs to be studied and nothing that sheds light on a full picture of an event that changed the lives of the many forever should be eliminated.