Are you paying attention to your pet or your cell phone?

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I was driving to work the other day and on the corner was a nice looking lady walking her two cute malteses.   While coming to a stop, I watched as the two malteses ran off the curb and into the street while the nice looking lady stared in the opposite direction talking on her cel phone.

It’s not safe to talk on the phone while driving.  And as cel phones have become a part of everyday life,  I am starting to see it’s not safe to talk on the cell phone while walking your pet.  I have seen hit by car cases that have occurred because someone accidentally dropped their pet’s leash.  I have also seen hit by car cases that have occurred because a pet walked off the curb at the wrong time.   If you are paying attention to your cel phone and not your pet this is putting yourself in a bad position.  Having to maneuver a phone and two dog leashes for the nice looking lady almost seamed like it should’ve been accomplished with someone with three hands.   If she put her cell phone away, she can make sure that 2 hands suffice.