Angry Mets fans focus vitriol on Jon Rauch after Subway Series sweep

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Mets fans took to Twitter to release their frustration after being swept away in this weekend’s Subway Series and much of the displeasure focused on Jon Rauch.

Rauch gave up Russell Martin’s walk-off home run on Sunday afternoon marking the pitcher’s sixth straight loss.

After the game, vitriol from the fans began filling the pitcher’s timeline (@jrauch60) and he decided to begin retweeting the messages.

“You ****** suck. Leave the Mets and give back the money they’re paying you. You’re pathetic and a poor excuse for a human being,” one angry fan tweeted.

“You’re a terrible reliever. U should hang em up. Choke on food not in games,” tweeted another.

These were the more harmless and printable replies Rauch received.

The 33-year-old has struggled over the past two months after a strong April, giving up runs in three of his last four appearances. He carries a 13.50 ERA in June with two losses.

Rauch seemed to take the intense criticism in stride.

When asked by a follower if the tweets bothered him, the 6-foot-11-inch pitcher said he found it funny.

“If it makes them feel better, bash away,” Rauch tweeted, though he drew the line on people proposing suicide.

“I’d never wish that upon someone,” he tweeted.

For the season, Rauch is 3-6 with a 4.88 ERA.