Agora Gallery

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As a child from the moment I knew it existed, I wanted my art to be well known in the New York City art scene. On Thursday, April 26th of last week, I was one giant step closer to my dream. Much to my surprise, my debut at Agora Gallery in the “Symphony of Color” show, drew a large enough crowd to have a line down the block. Agora is located in the heart of Chelsea’s new art district, which is widely becoming known as the new art capital. There are many galleries that run up and down this 3 block radius in the mid 20s on the west side, but, on this night, Agora stayed true to their prestigious reputation.


In an arena of 13 other international artists, I was allowed to represent Queens in a significant way.  Amidst abstract, contemporary, digital art and photography, my own style termed urban contemporary was given a prominent position.  The idea of urban contemporary is to create art that both right brainers and left brainers can have interest in. Those right brainers who are more artistically and scientifically inclined are prone to seeing the techniques used and what kind of line quality was utilized in the process. While the logical left brainer can happily calculate the context of the subject matter and find meaning in its theme.


Urban Contemporary is able to appeal to the nature of the your average urban dweller as well as your aristocratic persona. Its goal is to have pieces that are created for both the poor and the wealthy to appreciate. It has elements of graffiti street art/ pop art combined with techniques found in many different genres of studied art such as renaissance portraiture and Japanese wood blocking prints to appeal to both parties. It is my belief that if art can bring both of these social classes together for just one moment, maybe society can find a way to learn or have a better understanding of what the other person’s life is really like. This style pushes the limits of mental awareness while having a subconscious understanding of our place in the universe.  With urban contemporary, the viewer is as important as the artwork displayed.


For more information, I will be posting pictures of the event on my facebook page.