A Week of Stars

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Maria Bartiromo

It was a wonderful week when I met Maria Bartiromo, famed business TV journalist and star, and a few days later, Mike Woods, meteorologist and star of Fox Channel 5’s early morning show. He was our “Star of Stars” at our Rising Stars event last week.

My grandchildren go to Dalton in Manhattan and the school raises money by having guest lecturers. When I got the notice that it would be a talk between Brooklyn-born Maria and her husband, Jonathan Steinberg, founder and chief executive officer of WisdomTree Investments, I immediately bought the tickets. It was a cold night as we entered the Dalton auditorium and took front row seats. I have admired Maria’s reporting and how she has built her relationships to bring the latest business news to her viewers.

That evening she shared her insights into the markets and I asked her, with her knowledge, what she sees for this year. She offerered her opinion that it will not be a great year, but better than last. Let’s hope she’s right!

She also shared how she built her career with the help of mentors and hard work.Interestingly. she had studied business and journalism,and through an internship she began her career in 1989 at CNN during its beginning days. Her boss was Lou Dobbs and she credits him with teaching her the “business.” She began behind the camera as a producer/writer and then moved on after five years to a field producer.

But her passion was to be in front of the camera and quietly she prepared tapes of herself covering news in the field. She boldly brought those tapes to CNBC and its new president, the legendary Roger Ailes, who hired her. I had to smile, when with great trepidation, she recounted how she told Lou she was leaving. He told her the station would never succeed and she was making a big mistake! Well, history proved him wrong and she was off onto the next stage of her enormously successful career at the emerging CNBC, even becoming the first woman to report from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

I appreciated her advice to young people starting out:

1. Work hard, there are no short cuts

2. Love what you do

3. Own your work and become a resouce for others

4. Do the right thing

The last happens to be my mantra to my staff because that advice is wise at every stage of your career.

By the way, she is even more beautiful in person, and her husband, who did the interview with her, obviously adores her.

What a power couple they are!

Then on to another power – the handsome, bright, warm, friendly Mike Woods who became our “Star of Stars” at our Rising Stars event.

Every morning at about 7 a.m. I watch the morning news with Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly. We had honored Rosanna at our Top Women in Business event and the following year Sunnyside’s beautiful Tai Hernandez, so when we were looking to honor a “Star of Stars” I thought of my other favorite on the show, meteorologist Mike Woods.

As life would have it my daughter Samantha’s best friend from childhood, Lauren Rutuolo, was his good friend. Lauren had written a wonderful book, Unstoppable in Stilletos, and works for a media company. She’s my resource for “bold face names” and I’m grateful that she helped to make it possible to contact Mike Woods. Although I only admired him through the TV screen, as soon as I met him I realized I was right. He is great! He was a delight to be with and so gracious to all our “stars.” I don’t know whose smiles were bigger as he took endless photos with our honorees — his or theirs!

It was a glorious night to recognize so many special people under 40. Everyone glowed at Citi Field as a massive audience cheered them on as they received their recognition. I was so happy to see their joy.

It was a night to remember and cherish.