A week of eating well

| vschneps@queenscourier.com |

There is a song with the words “Saturday night is the most beautiful night of the week.” For me it’s the night to rest after five days of frenzied activity. This past week was one of friends, family and wonderful dinners.

My favorite was the take-out Chinese food we had at my daughter Samantha’s house. It was the company that made the meal. And what better company than my blessed Blake and precious Morgan. At two she is beginning to speak individual words and each one I hear is a triumph. Blake is pure pleasure and that night we decided to Skype his cousin Jonah in Dallas. This remarkable communication began as I called Elizabeth, telling her to put on her computer and activate the program. We both did and in seconds there were the two boys delightedly talking to and seeing each other. In moments they even came up with a game of hide and seek, each disappearing from the sight of the other, each of them laughing hysterically. Did my heart swell!

It was a night I wish I could have made time stand still.

Then our friends Denise and Peter invited us to dinner at the widely-acclaimed Bamonte’s restaurant in Greenpoint or Williamsburg — the verdict is out as to which neighborhood the decades-old restaurant sits in. But whatever it is there is no mistaking the quality of the authentic Italian cuisine.

Bamonte’s has survived the test of time because so many generations are watching over it and are there to make sure their reputation of 100 years survives. The night we were there father and daughter were on site, making sure everyone’s wants and needs were met (see my dining profile this week). It was so old fashioned and appropriate to the old-world setting. It was a great night sitting with my “girlfriends,” gossiping and sharing, laughing and just taking a break from life and enjoying each other. What a night! It was superb company and food.

On another evening we paid a second visit to Due Ponti in Beechhurst, which sits on the site of the former Beechhurst Yacht Club.

Owner Joe Facchin and chef Anthony Theocaropoulos greeted us at the door. The friendly waiter offered us the specials of the night and once again we enjoyed a delicious meal while watching the sun set on the water. I felt like I was in the Caribbean!

I slipped into the kitchen after dinner to thank David Awad, Anthony’s assistant, and Anthony himself for a great meal. The added thank you was for the seafood bruschetta – my favorite, seafood salad, delivered on a crispy slice of toasted bread.

Then Stu and I and Mel and Claire Shulman had dinner at an old favorite, Pier 25A on Bell Boulevard in Bayside. When I told Claire we were going there she said, “Oh you mean [Congressmember] Gary Ackerman’s place?” It’s because he is such a regular there. As always the large portions and perfectly-prepared seafood was terrific. More about the meal in the coming weeks in my restaurant profile of Pier 25A.

Here’s to all of you to many nights of sweet memories.