A week of celebrations

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I shared Dr. Mary’s special day with her assistant Mara and my “golden girl,” Adele Udell.

“‘Tis the season to be jolly” is a phrase we all buy into, and boy did I this past week, which was full of fun and friends. Life doesn’t get better than this. And as I write this I am at Paradise Island at an enormous hotel complex, the Atlantis, but more on that next week.

One of the wonders of my profession in the news business is meeting marvelous, talented people. I met Dr. Mary Andrea, President/CEO of Andrea Hyperbaric, Wound Care and Podiatry Center in Astoria, when she wanted to promote her business. It quickly turned into a friendship. So, when she shared that she was having a baby, I was delighted to attend her baby shower at one of my favorite restaurants, Uncle Bacala’s on Jericho Turnpike. What I like about gatherings with people I don’t know is the opportunity to meet new friends. It almost brought tears to my eyes when one of the guests introduced herself. She had been a nurse at Deepdale General Hospital in Little Neck, when my husband Stu was a doctor there. He loved that hospital because he felt its smallness allowed for more intimate quality care for the patients. She did too!

Dr. Mary Andrea and her mother-in-law Linda

Sitting by my side at the shower was my “golden girl,” Adele Udell. She had first called on Dr. Andrea and introduced me to her. Adele has been part of my life personally and professionally for decades. We’ve seen our children grow up and she has helped me grow The Queens Courier and all our other media. No one is more loyal or committed than Adele and I was delighted to spend the hours together.

A Mattone Party

I’ve been spoiled by Mary Ann and Joe Mattone’s annual Christmas party, that acts as the “lift off” of the holiday season. They do the party at the elegant, historic, beautifully decorated Columbus Club in Manhattan.

Besides the wonderful camaraderie the Mattones generate, there is a concert and sing-along that includes one of my favorites, “Tis the Season to Be Jolly.” It was another enchanting evening, beginning the holiday season.

Happy holidays and shop locally. We all need to support our neighborhood businesses who support many causes.

And of course don’t miss the fun at the LIC Flea and Food Holiday Market. There are great gifts, delicious food, a wonderful jazz band to add to your shopping pleasure and, not to be missed, pictures with Santa! Does it get any better? It’s at 5-25 46th Avenue in Long Island City, just a block from the waterfront Pepsi sign. Enjoy and the joys of the holiday, from our family to yours!

Linda Galdi, Linda DeSabato, Teresa Taormina, Roseann Capanegro

Rev. Joseph L. Levesque, C.M., President of St. John’s, Joe Mattone and Frank Cioli

Lily Gavin and I posed for pix

Ray Benatti and Georgiana Reese-Benatti

Peter Meyer, Denise Arbesu, Dr. Sanford Friedman, Anita Cioli

Marie Teresa Fauci and MaryAnn Mattone

Linda and Greg Galdi

Richard DeZego, Father Bernard Tracey,Victor Gartenstein

Barbara Naclerio, Vera Cugini, Gail Gartenstein and Linda Timmons