A View from the Cliff: Mysteries Still Pack the House in Douglaston

| ckasden@queenscourier.com |

Who would have thought that a 1930s melodrama would have caused Teresa Zugger to add chairs to the house for this past Saturday night’s performance of the DCT player’s “Design for Murder.”

Did director Eugene Sullivan tap into something special in the psyche of Queens theatregoer’s? I don’t know. I just don’t know.

The cast was fine. The plot was interesting. The idea to hand out sheets to the audience so they could predict the murderer is nothing new. What did it then?

Was it the cast of veteran community performers including lovely Mary Lynch, Annette Daiell, Kevin Vincent, Barbara Mavro, along with some young newcomers and a few welcome faces from previous years? That is actually the typical strategy. The sets? The dark mood?

Ok. It was friends, neighbors and local theatre fans all converging on the same night that the world was supposed to end.

As you see I haven’t any idea at all as to why the sparks flew in the form of ticket sales. There’s just one weekend left. Call (718)482-3332 or surf to www.spotlightonstage.com then comment for us on this blog. Is that such a big mystery?