A special show, a special time, and acts of kindness

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Do you like to laugh and smile a lot? If you haven’t had too much to laugh about, I suggest you quickly get yourself to see the Broadway blockbuster revival “Anything Goes.”  It was one of those shows where from the moment we sat down to the moment we left it was pure joy.


I’m old fashioned. I love a musical where I sing the songs as I leave the theatre and keep humming them all week.  I must admit I did buy the CD and played it repeatedly as I traveled upstate this weekend. I loved the way the song “Gabriel Blow your Horn” was belted out by the talented star, Sutton Foster. She is the new Ethel Merman in the wonderful Cole Porter musical at the Roundabout Theatre Company. “Remember,” “You’re the top,” “Friendship,” “I get a kick out of you,” It’s all here to be relished and remembered.


The cast includes my favorite, Joel Grey, who is to me one of the all-time greats. He is the only stage star to receive an Emmy (for “Cabaret”)and then go on to win an Oscar for the movie version. He’s brilliant in this revival. It is an outstandingly-talented cast that makes for the show’s joyous time.


Most importantly, my wishes for a healthy, happy and bountiful holiday season to all of you.  I’m so grateful that all my children will be with me for Thanksgiving.


With the holiday season upon us it’s wonderful to see all the groups rallying to help people in need.  I recently read about Michael Chase, who is the founder of The Kindness Center and author of am I being kind.  His goal is to raise people’s consciousness that kindness is a 24/7, 12 months a year phenomenon that could be included in our everyday lives.


Here are some of his suggestions: Perform anonymous acts of kindness such as feed an expired parking meter,pay for the coffee of the person behind you, shovel your neighbor’s path, pick up litter.


Another act of kindness he suggests is helping someone who is struggling.  For example, share your umbrella,offer to carry someone’s groceries, stop your car for someone to cross the street.


Sometimes it’s an act of kindness just by letting things go without saying a word or listening without judging or giving advice.


You can even use social media as a tool for kindness. Post praise and gratitude on friends’ Facebook pages or write a note to a supervisor of someone who has been helpful to you.


It’s all about opening our hearts.  I’m writing a letter tonight! What a great gift we can give that has no dollar sign.


We are lauching a drive to collect canned goods and toys to bring smiles to many faces. I’m so happy we can mobilize the community to show our appreciation for what we have and to help those in need.  Help us help to make this holiday season special.


Happy holidays to all!