A sojourn into the sun and sea

| vschneps@queenscourier.com |

Getting away in the winter is a gift. We take it, gratefully, to recharge and rejuvenate.

Sadly, I miss many year-end parties but we have a timeshare on St. John in the Virgin Islands this time every year.

As I lay on my thick rubber mat looking up at the puffY clouds in the pastel blue skies I imagined I saw an alligator, Cocker Spaniel, swan and a large winged bird. I sent my sightings to my five-year-old grandson Blake who I’ve trained to look with me. When I emailed his mom he returned with, “but grandma it’s dark here I can’t see anything.”

I wanted to share some of the views around the property of the Westin Hotel where we are staying. Hope you enjoy them and feel the warmth with which they are sent.

We will be on the St. John Specialties’ Island Spirit catamaran for a four-hour adventure of exploring the beautful underwater world of St. John Island.

Read about it next week!