A shining star in the labor movement

| vschneps@queenscourier.com |

He is proud of labor’s role in achieving things that people now take for granted like a 40- hour work week, an eight-hour work day and decent wages and benefits.

“People have forgotten the accomplishments of labor over those past 100 years,” he proudly remarked.

When I asked him his keys to success he thought for a moment and then shared with me that he makes it his policy to always call people back and  ispolite and pleasant to whomever he works with and meets.

Greg Floyd is a proud man who realizes he has work cut out for him in these challenging times. But serving on the Council for Unity, which promotes safety, unity and achievement in schools and the community, we have a man who matches the needs of our city with his skills and background.

I’m glad to honor him November 3 as one of my Kings of Queens.

Greg Floyd is a man and a name to remember!