A sad, but joyous, fond farewell

| vschneps@queenscourier.com |

Thanks to my son Josh and his beautiful wife Tracey bringing us their precious little Hudson Dean, my daughter Elizabeth came with her family from Dallas to celebrate his birth and the bris that followed.

Because Dallas weather in August is beastly hot they stayed for a month with me and Stu. What joy, what energy, what delight to wake up each morning to little one-year-old Addison sitting in her high chair pecking away at her waffles and fruit and darling three-year-old Jonah eating his breakfast in preparation of going to day camp.

Jonah needs cajoling to eat his breakfast, but none to get on the camp bus. What a huge smile he wore as he marched with the counselor, hand-in-hand, to the bus. It amazed me how easily he adapted to the new camp environment, where his group of three-year-old friends had been since the beginning of July. I give credit to the staff at the Sid Jacobson Day Camp at Robin Hood. When Jonah’s aunt Samantha was his age that’s where she went to day camp, and now the next generation goes there too — big boy Blake, his sister Morgan and now Jonah have shared in the tradition.

I visited Jonah at camp and saw how much fun he and his friends were having. They were all hugging and running and swimming their hearts out. The rustic grounds reminded me of the many sleep away camps I had attended until I got married.

I loved the camaraderie of camping, sharing our lives for eight weeks from morning til night.

Some of my fondest memories were from camp. Actually, I began my journalism career at Camp Sycamore. They made me editor of the camp newspaper in an attempt to keep me out of trouble when I was a “senior” camper. Somehow that experience inspired me to become a professional editor/publisher decades later!

I also got my “star” opportunity at camp playing Anna in “The King and I.” So I hope my grandchildren find their unique memories from their days at camp.

But now Elizabeth’s visit draws to a close and this past Monday I had to wave goodbye to all of them. At just three years old, Jonah did, quite insightfully, say, “Fortunately, I can return.” I will miss them so…