A Night at National Art League

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A wonderful artist I know named Linda Murid has been asking me to attend a workshop at the National Art League in Douglaston. Due to my extremely consistent blog entries 😉 ;), I was unable to attend a 1.5 hour meeting on a Friday night until last week. It seems I should have gone to these events sooner or maybe this was perfect timing.


I was lucky enough to see a great abstract impressionist artist named Ann Bragg. Ann’s art was fascinating, but more intriguing was her artistic process in the execution of her works. Recently, she had lost the majority of her art pieces in a flood at her home. Out of the hundreds of artworks, only a few managed to be salvaged. Ann explained that, although it was hard to see any positive spin on this subject, there was some sunshine after the rain. This light came in the form of an inspiration. Instead of drenching her work with more tears, she decided to take a pair of scissors, glue, string and other various objects to create a new series of art. Tearing and cutting up her old damaged pieces, then mounting them on new canvases, Ann managed to create masterpieces where most others would have stopped and given up. What she was sharing with every artist in the room was sometimes it’s better to let things be and go with the flow, then to drown in the abyss of an artist’s own creations. Ann seemed to have a keen ability to lighten the air with a little bit of humor in her own presentation. This positive outlook translated very clearly to her own views on life.


If you ever want to have an almost fantasy like experience with a twist of enigmatic uniqueness, the National Art League is the place for you. This seemingly meek gallery, houses many diverse individuals including artist of the month Joanie Goldberg.  The list of members is as diverse as the type of art each person creates.  I highly recommend finding out the schedule and attending at least one open night. I’ve attached a few pictures for viewing.  Although I may not be as interesting as Ann (I’m definitely going to give it the good old college try), I will be doing a live talk and presentation in early September. For more info, you can visit my website or become a fan on Facebook.