A great person passes

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Sunday was a spectacularly sunny, clear, warm day but it brought a farewell to Larry Levine, a beloved man.

To the sound of “Taps” with soldiers paying their last respects, Larry was laid to rest on this peaceful day. As his daughter-in-law Rosie Starr said, he navigated his life as “an officer and gentleman.”

“Larry had flown over 70 bombing missions during World War II and lived his life keeping his wings level and true. He was a brave and honorable man who trained and became a CPA.”

I may have loved him because he reminded me of my father. No trauma ever rattled his cage.

Rosie spoke eloquently of Larry’s life. She reminded us that he was a gentle soul who was a son, a father, a brother, a husband, a brother-in-law, a war pilot, a swimmer, a lifeguard and a basketball and tennis player.

He had grown up on the beaches of Coney Island in the days when there were many fields of tall grass. He swam and ran and spent a carefree childhood.

I loved his wife Ruth, who was at my side during the years I founded Life’s WORC to help children like my daughter Lara, who was residing at Willowbrook. Larry became our first accountant, helping us to get started. Ruth then came to work for me at The Queens Courier and Larry was a positive force as an advisor. So his life intertwined mine for decades.

He passed away only four days before his 92nd birthday. He may have lived a long life but his sons Geoffrey and Norman and Rosie, his daughter-inlaw, and his sister and all who loved him will feel it was too soon. But he will always be in our hearts.