A glorious weekend

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Jonah loved riding the fire truck.

The sky was a brilliant blue and no cloud could find its way to blemish the day on Monday, Memorial Day. Four-year-old Jonah and I took a ride to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn to check on our building that is under construction. It will become the new home of the Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator, our Brooklyn weekly newspapers.

Luckily for us, the Memorial Day parade ran down Fourth Avenue, with barricades just at our corner on Marine Boulevard. There in front of our building were two large, shiny fire trucks.

Jonah ran gleefully to the fireman sitting in the driver’s seat and boldly said, “I love firemen!” The kind man invited Jonah to take his place behind the wheel. Jonah instantly jumped right in the front cab with the biggest, proudest smile I have ever seen him wear!

The paraders were also wearing wide smiles, and it gave me great pleasure to walk down the streets with so many happy people.

I loved the little girls in their brownie dresses, many with sashes filled from top to bottom with badges. Then there were the bagpipe players who proudly walked with their instruments beneath their arms. And then, of course, there were parade watchers lining the streets up and down the avenue. So much joy!

The walls of the interior of our building are like a skeleton right now as the rooms are taking shape and the furniture is being chosen so the electrical lines can be set properly. Some bricks will be removed from certain walls so that light will flood the offices. Decisions are being made about where windows should begin and end. Details, details and more details.

On Monday, Ralph Succar, our efficient, ebullient contractor from Gotham Empire Construction, showed me the progress of the electrician, plumbers and craftsmen who have given shape to the wide-open space now emptied of the thousands of items from the hardware store owners who had made it their home for decades. I feel like the guardian of their building, which dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. We will proudly inhabit it!

In all the construction remaining, we are taking into consideration the Feng Shui principle, an ancient Chinese tradition.

Feng Shui is over 3,500 years old and has been believed to bring harmony into your life with proper energy flow.

Our neighbor Sheila Brody, who owns the Green Spa on Third Avenue, is an expert and is helping me bring the power of Feng Shui to our offices. I’ll keep you posted on our progress…

Jonah and I decided to have his favorite, chicken fingers from Kentucky Fried Chicken on Fifth Avenue. When we went in and asked to use the bathroom, they said there was none. It’s hard to believe a food establishment had no facilities. So we left and next door was Panda, a sporting goods store.

I asked the owner, Robert, to use his bathroom and he kindly led us to it.

Conveniently, next door is their golf store. I had been looking for a golf set for seven-year-old Blake, whom I share lessons with in the summer, and now Jonah wants to play, too. The owner was so kind I decided to buy clubs for them. So the golf store manager fit Jonah (leaving a few inches to grow) and we bought a set.

The extra day of the Memorial Day weekend was a wonderful chance to spend private time with darling four-year-old Jonah, who met up with his cousins later in the day.