A Glorious Afternoon with Hudson

| vschneps@queenscourier.com |


I got to spend two glorious hours with Hudson on Saturday.

It was a stunningly sunny and brisk Saturday and I called my son Josh, now living in Brooklyn with his wife Tracey and their baby Hudson, to see if they were free for brunch. Stu and I took his new convertible, and, with the top down, made our way to their new home.

Their hot neighborhood of Williamsburg was teeming with people as we made our way to meet them at a little Italian bistro. I was thrilled to see two-month old Hudson — sleeping like an angel, looking like a Gerber baby in his fur-lined sweater and little blue hat. He slept soundly while we ate and as the perfect child he only woke up when we had all finished our lunch. Since it was feeding time, I had the treat of covering his face with kisses, then giving him his bottle, which he gobbled up quickly. I couldn’t stop smiling!

Tracey shared with me his even temper and sweet, loving personality. They had a “play date” with his baby friends and she reported he was as calm that day as he was on Saturday and simply looked quizzically at the other babies who were screaming their heads off.

What a treasure Hudson is!