A fast trip to a celebration in Dallas

| vschneps@queenscourier.com |

It was my grandson Jonah’s third birthday and the special annual grandparents’ day at his preschool, so off to Dallas Stu and I went for the weekend. Since my other two grandchildren, siblings Blake and Morgan, were off from school this week, they and mom Samantha came with us too.

My daughter Elizabeth found what she thought was the cheapest fare on Spirit airlines, which just opened the Dallas market from LaGuardia, so we bought five tickets. I had to laugh because as I reviewed the confirmation I saw a list of at least six extra charges, from our bags to joining their club (even if you don’t want to). They offer wide “first class” seats with extra leg room, but no extra perks. When the steward came through with drinks there was even a charge for water.

But we got there. And then the fun began . . .

I’m sure every grandparent thinks his or her grandchildren are the best so I join that group. This weekend we celebrated Jonah, my “Energizer Bunny,” turning three. His little sister Addison was born May 24 and is now crawling and standing.

Jonah has developed a love of music and goes everywhere with his guitar, but has also shown a love of drums, playing his bongos in rhythm to the music he has in his head. So his mom, Elizabeth, told me he would love a set of drums for his birthday. I was amazed she would permit that kind of noise in the house but she quickly assured me there is now an electronic drum set that can only be heard thru ear phones. So off we went to Guitar Center and found a knowledgeable man in the drum section.

I was impressed with the depth of selection in each of the store’s departments and the freedom they gave us to use the drums, guitars and electronic pianos. We did know what we wanted and our “expert” patiently made sure we got everything we needed.

We were then off to Jonah’s party at The Little Gym. It’s a franchise that Blake and Morgan in New York go to and is Jonah’s favorite place. There is running, jumping, tumbling and twirling from rings and mats and bars with every inch padded so kids can do it all safely. My little, skinny, agile Jonah was hanging from the rings when he fell off and butted heads with his friend. He looked, for a second, like he was going to cry but he shook his head and ran off to another activity.

The facility is perfect for parties because they have a private room permitting parents to bring in food, drinks and a birthday cake. The joy on my beloved grandchildren’s faces told me they loved being there. And I did too!