A busy, exciting week

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Elizabeth, Jonah and Addison enjoying the Brooklyn flea market.

For over a year now, my son Josh, his wife Tracey and their nine-month-old Hudson have lived in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, overlooking the Brooklyn flea market from their apartment 29 stories up. They have watched the huge crowds come and go every Saturday and Sunday.

Josh imagined what it could mean to Long Island City if more people from all over the city experienced its uniqueness. And so the idea of LIC Flea & Food was born. It is finally happening!

At a press conference held last week, Josh proudly announced the June 15 opening of the market. It will be held in a large parking lot surrounded by the charming Anabel Basin at 46th Avenue and 5th Street. The TF Cornerstone buildings have a six-story parking garage there, which will be available to shoppers coming to the market.

TF Cornerstone will open its newest building at the same time, so there will be much to celebrate that weekend.

My daughter Elizabeth, who has come to live with me with her two darlings—energetic four-year-old Jonah and spitfire two-year-old Addison—will meet each vendor to decide if their products will be appropriate for sale at the market. We want to bring the shoppers coming to Long Island City a unique and interesting experience.

Sunday was my lucky day to visit Josh, Tracey and darling Hudson, whose huge smile lights up my life, at their home in Brooklyn. We decided to take a walk to the Brooklyn flea market a few blocks away. It’s surrounded by a fence with two entrances with a large park on one side and the river on the other. We were delighted to see the crowds of young people at the many food stalls selling everything from donuts to the largest sandwich I have ever seen.

Interspersed in the crowds were many tables selling old and new items. I couldn’t resist a bracelet painted with a skyline scene—made on vinyl from an old record! The bracelet is by Wrecordsbymonkey, a designer working out of Bushwick, Brooklyn who takes what he calls “reclaimed vinyl” and creates “record bracelets.” I couldn’t resist buying two.

Then I found two pairs of sunglasses to celebrate the warm, sunny days we are having.

There was a designer who appeared on “Project Runway” a few years ago selling some of his creations. I was ready to buy an “interesting” dress when I asked Tracey’s opinion, but she quickly and honestly said “no!” I respect her opinion, but I’m a sucker for the unusual and sometimes I get carried away. I’m glad she reigned me in.

We ended our wonderful day together with an early dinner at a charming local restaurant, Fabbrica, located at 40 N. 6th Street in Williamsburg. They have the most delicious meatballs with a finger-licking-good marinara sauce to die for. We doubled our order!

It was a picture-perfect day with all the right ingredients—family, beautiful weather, fun shopping and delicious food. How rejuvenating!

So mark your calendar for Saturday, June 15 when our fun begins in Long Island City with the opening of LIC Flea & Food. We’ll all be there to greet you!