Supreme Court on ObamaCare

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The Supreme Court has ruled that ObamaCare is constitutional. This now makes the plan the final call, but is it the right call?

As a nation we are in a sluggish ecomomy and millions of people are out of work. In my opinion if you force small businesses to insure all their employees they will not look to expand or hire more workers. In addition to that, if you force those who cannot afford insurance even at a reduced rate you create a hardship. A person might be forced to make a choice between housing and food to pay for insurance. That in my view is just not the right way to go.

Now the other day I was in a coffee shop in Queens and overheard a conversation between two small business owners, where one owner said that he had two choices. The one choice was to shut the business down or the other not pay any insurance and make all employees pay for insurance on their own. I believe he will do the latter. Now imagine this type of conversation is spreading all across America.

The Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts said that President Obama’s signature health care law is not a mandate but a tax and therefore constitutional. Meanwhile President Obama has said in 2009 , “This is absolutely not a tax increase.” Well isn’t that precious! True lies. And now the American economy will pay for it with higher unemployment. As for myself I’m voting for former Governor Mitt Romney who vows to undo this and remodel a new health care policy. I will be voluteering to help Mitt Romney get elected who truely understands what Americans need and that is more jobs and less government interference.