Kudos to Mayor Bloomberg

| fbedell@queenscourier.com |

Mayor Mike Bloomberg has shown again his concern for the health of New York City residents with his fight aganist obesity. Bloomberg’s agressive life saving public health initiatives, such as banning smoking in public places and calorie postings at chain restaurants, have improved life expectancy in New York City by nearly three years since 2000. Now, Bloomberg wants a city-wide ban on surgary drinks sold in delis, fast-food restaurants and sports arenas in single servings larger than 16 ounces. Obesity is becoming the leading cause of deaths for New Yorkers and across the country. I’ve just read a report by the Bloomberg administration that stated that more than half of New York City adults 958 percent) are overweight and nearly 40 percent of New York City school students in grades K-8, are either overweight or obese. Obesity kills thousands of people and costs $4 billion a year in health costs. Something has to be done on the government level to get some people to wake up. And I feel Mayor Bloomberg is moving in the right direction. Now for that I say, ” KUDOS MIKE. “