Honoring Charlie Chaplin at 5Pointz

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As a long standing resident and artist of Queens, I am very proud to support the famous graffiti hub 5Pointz. I have had the opportunity to create more than one piece on the walls of this historic monument.

The freedom of painting a vast canvas with the natural light of the sun and the wind on your back is an indescribable feeling. At first, the rustling of the train overhead and noise from the nearby traffic create an urban soundtrack that eventually drifts away as I zone further into my artistic meditation.

I would like to paint another work at this metropolitan gallery while the chance still exists. In my search for new inspiration and subject matter, I stumbled across the biography of Charlie Chaplin.

Although most people remember Chaplin as a comedian or for his vaudeville roles, he was an artist and dreamer that I respect greatly. He skillfully used humor and laughter as vehicles to touch upon sensitive subjects of his time, such as war, immigration and poverty in the U.S. He was able to engage the viewer and address the issues at hand with ease and grace. I hope to use his image as a catalyst to pay respect and homage to 5Pointz and its mission and vision.

While some people take to picket signs and rallies, graffiti artists use a visual approach to exercise their freedom of expression. In its own way, 5Pointz is a symbol of change or hope.