Time-Tested Techniques for Modern Social Media

| rbasso@queenscourier.com |

Acquiring the right skills to grabbing someone’s attention and keeping their attention by using social media can present itself as a challenge to many. With the rise of technology, it is almost a requirement to know how to market yourself using social media but never forgetting some of the core “time-tested” techniques you learned before the days of social media. I believe by making a few changes to your pages, you will be able to reach your potential consumers with the correct “time-tested” techniques that society continues to deem important. Applying old fashioned techniques to modern day social media, will give you an advantage in exactly how to dominate the world of marketing yourself and your business.

— People still value face to face interaction, so make it accessible for people to reach you. Make sure your LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter pages are set up so that potential clients find it to be trouble-free to get in contact with you. They may prefer to set up face to face appointments.

— Social media should make if easier for you to get your name out there and pave the way for people to find you. Make sure your pages are set up with your own creative presence. A salesman that walks into an office should stand out, and that is exactly what your social media page should do. Maintaining the right appeal will set you apart from the rest.

— Create a conversation. Make sure to engage your followers and follow trending topics. Tag your friends on Facebook and include hashtags on Twitter to reach and engage a bigger audience.

— Follow up is always important. You must reach out to people that visit your social media pages. Acknowledging that they have taken the time to view your site makes them feel appreciated. Re tweeting or commenting on their posts keeps them in constant contact with you. People will feel more eager to help you and from this, referrals will occur.

— Make sure your page isn’t strictly business. People like to work with those that they feel they can relate to or that they have common interests with. Dedicating a link or an area of your page to something “fun” can attract viewers.

I can assure you that incorporating “time-tested” techniques in today’s social media world will help put you on top of the game. But remember, social media isn’t a revenue generator for everyone so make sure to balance the amount of time you spend on it.  Just chose to use your time wisely.  Happy posting!