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Larry Penner is a concerned self described taxpayer and citizens’ civic activist. He continues to write about government, budgets, politics, media, transportation, urban history, economic and civil liberties issues of interest to local residents. He has been an avid letters to the editor contributor for over 20 years. His works have been periodically featured on the pages of The Queens Courier along with many other daily and weekly newspapers in Queens and the  New York metropolitan area along with various national newspapers and magazines.

Goodbye, dear Jack


Jack Friedman

The cloudless skies sparkled brilliant blue but they couldn’t brighten the feelings of sadness that came over many in the standing-room-only crowd, as we sat in the chapel paying tribute to Jack Friedman. He died too young at the age of 55. In fact, his 56th birthday was his burial day. But, in some way, […]

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