Astoria resident part of ‘American Idol’ top 12

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Astoria resident Michael Lynche made it to “American Idol’s” top 12 last week and wants people to just have a good time when they watch him perform.

“It feels amazing,” Lynche told The Queens Courier on Monday, March 15 in between rehearsals. “It’s just a really big checkpoint in my journey and my goals.”

The performance that earned Lynche, also known as “Big Mike” on the show, a spot in the top 12 was Maxwell’s “This Woman’s Work.” The song brought judge Kara DioGuardi to tears as she praised Lynche’s performance.

Lynche, 26, said the song was a surprise for his wife Christa, who was in the audience, and said it is one of the couple’s favorite songs. All of the judges gave Lynche positive feedback, which he described as cool and surprising.

That same night has also provided Lynche with his most memorable moment so far. He said that it was seeing his wife walk out into the audience and be greeted by people who recognized her. During the audition process, viewers saw Lynche talking to his wife on numerous occasions, including after the birth of their child.

When it comes to the biggest challenge he faces on “American Idol,” Lynche said that it is the same for all of the contestants – time management. Lynche said that, when there is down time, it is a matter of making good use of it so that they can put on a good show.

“I want people to have a good time always,” Lynche said of what he hopes people get from his performances. “I’m a man of the people.”

As a contestant on the show, Lynche said that he is just trying to be himself, adding that if that is something people can look up to, he is happy to be that person.

Lynche has high aspirations for his future in entertainment and said that he feels good about what he can bring to music.

“I want to go through the stratosphere with my music,” Lynche told The Courier. “I want to go everywhere and do everything. I don’t want to put any limits on what I can do.”

Lynche’s “American Idol” journey will continue this week as the contestants perform songs by the Rolling Stones. The show airs on FOX on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. and Wednesdays at 9 p.m.

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