Courier's All-Queens Football Team

By Queens Courier Staff
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Player of the Year: Haris Lekaj, Long Island City
From his gold spikes to his confident demeanor, Lekaj acts like a superstar. Even better, he backed it up this year, leading LIC to an 11-0 record. Moreover, while his competition may not be what it is in other divisions, Lekaj was clearly the best player in the Queens this fall - on offense and defense. The senior strong safety/quarterback was in the top three in the Cup Division in passing yards, completions, touchdown passes, interceptions and tackles. The unquestioned leader of the Bulldogs, Lekaj never sits out a play, blocking on special teams, and is a second coach on the field. “The kid's a terrific athlete,” Long Island City coach Stephen Agresti said. “He's fearless. He goes in with the attitude of being the best player on the team, if not the best player on the field.”