‘Snow day’ at Juniper Valley Park Saturday

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Just because Mother Nature has dropped a few inches of snow, doesn’t mean you can’t go out and have some fun in the borough.

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City holds Snow Day at Juniper Park

By Queens Courier Staff | editorial@queenscourier.com

THE COURIER/Photo by Mike DiBartolomeo

When there is heavy snowfall the New York City Parks Department sometimes throws a special “Snow Day” in parks across the city with organized activities, such as supervised safe sledding, snowman building contests, best snow angel contests, friendly snowball fights, music and complimentary hot chocolate. After the blizzard that hit on Friday, February 8, known as […]

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Astoria Tour de Bar to kick off on the first day of summer

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Image Courtesy of Uno Group/Alexis Cabrera

Astoria will start the summer with a bang and a few drinks.

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Summer season heating up…despite winter’s last blast of snow

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Photo courtesy of Camelbeach

For most ski areas throughout the country there are four seasons: Fall, winter, spring, summer and mud. As the snow begins to melt off the slopes and trickle down the mountainside, it pools at the base and soon rather large lakes, puddles and ponds are formed.  In some cases the ski resorts go into hibernation […]

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Astoria pol calls for potholes to be filled within 5 days or less

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THE COURIER/Photo by Melissa Chan

Councilmember Costa Constantinides recently announced he had introduced a bill into the City Council that would require potholes to be filled within five days or less.

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Don’t make it a ‘snow job’

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Let’s not read too much into what was a mistaken but not malicious judgment call to keep the schools open on a particular bad weather day recently. We lucked out that no school-related disasters were reported under these harsh conditions, but let’s see the big picture. Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina’s decision was perhaps thoughtless, but […]

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Cops help elderly Flushing couple dig car out of ice and snow

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Police Officers Adrienne Galvani and Cory Smith of the 109th Precinct took a short detour from their anti-crime patrol to help an elderly Flushing couple dig their buried car out of a thick sheet of ice.

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