31 percent of riders have no love for MTA

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Even though 38 percent of straphangers said they liked the convenience of subway and buses, 31 percent said there was nothing to love about the MTA.

A recent Straphangers Campaign poll found that about a third of New York City Transit riders can’t find a single reason to praise the MTA.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the transportation advocacy group asked 252 people what they love about subways and buses.

The most popular answer was convenience, but riders also liked the fare discounts, their fellow riders and that their bosses couldn’t reach them while on the bus or subway.

Those last three answers, however, followed well behind the second most popular reason: “I don’t use the word ‘Love’ in the same sentence with ‘MTA.’”

Poll results:

5% My Fellow Riders
5%  The Fare Discounts
38% The Convenience
4% My Boss Can’t Reach Me
31%  I don’t use the word “Love” in the same sentence with “MTA”
17% Other