Resorts World revenue up while neighboring casinos down

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Resorts World numbers are up compared to last year.


Revenue and money played at Resorts World Casino New York City is on the rise compared to a year ago, while neighboring gaming zones are seeing a drop.

In January and February 2013, the Racino had an 11-percent tax revenue increase and a 25-percent increase in amount played from the same time last year — the first full year Resorts World has been able to produce in its now 15 months of business. The combined months had $2.4 billion played, leading to $116 million in total revenue.

In return, the Racino sent almost $80 million back to the state — as always, earmarked for education and the racing industry.

The spike in numbers also comes as a surprise with a shorter February this year, as 2012 was a leap year with a 29-day month.

“Resorts World Casino New York City’s model has continued to maximize gaming revenue for New York State in a manner that has not been replicated by any other facility in the nation in our nearly year and a half of operation,” said president Michael Speller in a statement. “2013 is shaping up to be another record setting year, and we are proud to contribute this astonishing amount of revenue towards the education of New York’s students.” Meanwhile, Pennsylvania’s slot revenue hot streak might be over. For February, revenue for the state’s 11 casinos was down more than 9 percent from last year — something Resorts World proponents say is in part thanks to New York gamblers staying home to bet.

Last February, there were only 10 operating casinos in the Keystone State — Valley Forge Casino Resort opened last March — and those, compared to last year, are down a combined 11.5 percent.

The success at Resorts World has proponents again saying the Racino should have full gaming, if voters approve an amendment for it this November.

Assemblymember Phillip Goldfeder said the upswing for Resorts World is just another component for the Racino to get full gaming – should voters approve a state amendment for it this November.

“New records set by Resorts World is further example that Genting is the right partner and Aqueduct is the right location for a larger facility and full, enhanced gaming,” he said. “We’ve got to give them the tools to continue to be successful.”



  • mike sheldon

    Resorts World is not a bad casino to play at. Here is my review:

    I love to play the slot machines and Atlantic City was my go to place to play. I don’t get to Atlantic City as much as I would like to however due to the long ride from NYC. When it was announced that Resorts World was opening at the Aqueduct I couldn’t wait to try it out.

    I knew that there would only be VLT’s there and I hoped the experience wasn’t as bad as when I went to Yonkers Raceway when I lost all the money I went there with. I found the machines at Yonkers very tight.

    Resorts World is not a bad casino. The Buffet is SUPERB and I recommend everyone go there to try the food.

    The first time I went to Resorts I found the slot machines were not as tight as they were at Yonkers Raceway, but I still left broke.

    The next few times I went to Resorts I followed the tips in this guide:

    and more often than not I’ve walked out of Resorts with more money than I walked in there with. It’s a very good guide that I recommend anyone who likes the slots read.

    I will say whenever I go to Resorts I find that many of the machines that I want to play are not available and it is a bit crowded but hey it’s NYC so I expect that.

    The restrooms were surprisingly clean and the casino floors are well kept.

    While Resorts World is no Atlantic City, it is a good place to get a slot “fix” without going all the way to Jersey. Just make sure you play smart.