Popular Maspeth restaurant O’Neill’s set to reopen

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THE COURIER/Photo by Maggie Hayes
THE COURIER/Photo by Maggie Hayes

The construction to redo O’Neill’s in Maspeth after a devastating fire is nearing completion.

More than two years ago, neighborhood favorite O’Neill’s went up in flames. The four-score-year-old family restaurant was left with nothing but ashes. After a complete reconstruction, Maspeth can hope to see the eatery finally open for business within the month.

“We’re looking to bring back what we had,” said Danny Pyle, who runs the restaurant with his father-in-law, owner George O’Neill.

The grease fire first started in the kitchen and went up into the air ducts. O’Neill said it “took everything, nothing was saved.”

He was across the street at the time and said he thought it was a false alarm at first.

“It sure wasn’t a false alarm,” he added.

Now, two years in the making, the neighborhood staple is eager to reopen.

“I’m very ready,” O’Neill said. “I’ve got about $12 in my pocket.”

Byle, a retired city firefighter, said he and the O’Neill’s team are looking forward to delivering the “best steaks in New York,” their award-winning buffalo wings, brick-oven pizza and more. He said this time around, they have essentially reconstructed the building to be “pretty much fireproof” and installed a new sprinkler system in the basement.

“We lost everything. Now, we’re just trying our best to get everything done as quickly as we can,” Pyle said. “It’s a brand new establishment in such a great neighborhood.”

O’Neil said for the past two years, area residents have been asking him when he is going to open the restaurant’s doors again. He said that along with having to reconstruct everything, Sandy hurt progress. Construction workers headed to the damaged areas to fix what the storm broke.

O’Neill’s has a tentative opening date of Friday, June 14, Flag Day. A local firehouse took down the restaurant’s flag the night of the fire and wants to present the establishment with a new one for the reopening. However, Byle said he is “up against a lot of different variables,” and if that date falls through, they hope to open within the next few weeks.



  • Rachel Corsini

    This is great news! I just wanted to let you know that Danny’s last name is Pyle not Byle.

  • I know the TRUTH

    George O’Neil is POS thieving dbag who stole the bar from under his brothers. He let his Pyle of sh*t son-in-law and some other aholes take it over. What do his brothers have? Oh yeah, NOTHING. The good thing is that he is old and won’t be around to see the next fire. I can’t wait for Karma to bite George’s pathetic arse……

    • Anonymous

      You KNOW THE TRUTH- you know nothing!!! George has had the restaurant since the 70s .i am pretty sure someone like you will rot in hell with your comments. Only jealous and lonely psychotic people like you would write such a thing.

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t you sign your name you know the truth? Interesting that you hide behind . Who’s the arse