NYC Housing Authority residents outraged over parking hikes

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Photo Courtesy of Rory Lancman
Photo Courtesy of Rory Lancman

Leaders and residents protested the parking charges at the Pomonok Houses.

Queens residents are outraged over a price hike in the city Housing Authority’s annual parking rates.

“Raising the cost to park in public housing . . . is a slap in the face to all,” said Monica Corbett, president of the Pomonok Residents Association. “These fee increases hurt all residents, especially our seniors and fixed income population.”

The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) has spiked parking costs for some residents from $75 to $340 for non-discounted drivers, $60 to $272 for seniors and handicap, and $150 to $650 for on-site employees.

The agency has two types of parking facilities — reserved spaces for renters with assigned designations and non-reserved ones for motorists with no specific spots.

It is doing away with non-reserved lots and changing them to reserved ones starting May 1, said NYCHA spokesperson Zodet Negrón.

Expenses will rise only for drivers who currently pay for non-reserved slots.

NYCHA began a new partnership with Greystone Parking Services last month. New parking rules include police ticketing and towing of unauthorized vehicles.

“These changes to the Resident Parking Program will help ensure cleaner and safer parking lots for all residents,” Negrón said.

Conversion plans were released last December, according to the agency. But Queens residents said the news was sudden.

“NYCHA’s massive parking fee hike is unfair enough, but springing it on residents with next to no notice and requiring payment in full up-front really adds insult to injury,” said former Assemblymember and City Council candidate Rory Lancman. “NYCHA needs to focus on fixing its many shortcomings, from backlogged repairs to inadequate security, and not gouging residents.”

Assemblymember Mike Simanowitz said the change would force people to look for parking on public streets.
“The idea that our city streets will be further choked with vehicles is simply unacceptable,” he said.



  • Angel Rodriguez

    Interesting how you can live on mostly public sponsored housing and have a car, and expect a free, cheap space to park. This is the give me free, free, free mentality that has this country in the hole. I am not on any public support program, and I cannot afford a car right now. Curious isn’t it? Park on the street if you don’t like it.

  • doe

    ppl can afford to drive benz, bmx, 2013 cars , but cant afford 340 for a year parking , yea OK,, THIS HIKE IS A GOOD ONE

  • Paul

    They are outraged ? I’m outraged that they have been paying $75 for entire year. That’s grossly underpaying !
    Assemblymember Mike Simanowitz should be saying to the Residents ” okay folks the gravy train has come to a stop” ! And as for residents on a “fixed income”, Oh really ? And that makes it okay for the city to provide almost free parking spaces. What next, a Benefits Card van in front of your building so you don’t have “travel” to an office for it ? c’mon. give me realy injustice stories and I will be right by your side fighting…….

  • bobby

    Try paying $1500 a month rent in a private building before complaining about living for practically nothing and having to pay for a spot. Get a job and stop living off the government and tax payers.

  • joe

    Gimmie a break , subsidized housing and you moan about paying for parking . Would love pics of the parked cars.

  • Mike

    My mom is 85 lives in house I can’t go visit her because of no parking