New policy forces mentally ill out of adult homes

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Sanford Manor Home Care Agency in Flushing and eight other places in Queens would be affected by a new policy that evicts the mentally ill from adult homes.

Adult homes in Queens are now forced to evict hundreds of mentally ill residents and shut out new entrants under a new state policy.

Privately run adult homes in the state, including nine in Queens and nearly 50 in the city, will have to cut their mental health population down to 25 percent, according to regulation put in place by Governor Andrew Cuomo last month.

The homes have less than 120 days to move out residents into smaller supportive housing units where they will live on their own.

“Displacing these residents without the proper preparations for their new living will have an adverse effect on patient care and on the communities they will be living in,” said Assemblymember Phil Goldfeder.

The new rule is expected to throw adult homes into financial turmoil, leaders in the field said.

“No assisted living facility with mentally ill populations can remain economically viable,” said Jeffrey Edelman of the New York State Center for Assisted Living. “If this radical social experiment to force the seriously mentally ill to live on their own fails, residents will never be able to return to their adult home because we will be out of business.”

Goldfeder said Queens adult homes, most of which are located in the Rockaways, are also the source of hundreds of local jobs.

“At the end of the day, we have to do what’s in the best interest of the patients and we have to think about the community at large,” he said.

Queens Adult Care Center, one of the borough’s affected adult homes, will have to boot 90 of its 300 mentally ill residents, according to chief administrator Leon Hofman. They would be without regular medication and constant supervision outside of their homes, he said.

“I’m concerned some of these people will not have a place to live or if they’ll make it,” Hofman said.

Jonathan Gaska, district manager of Community Board 14, said he fears some residents will end up freezing to death or wandering without supervision to nearby oceans.

“We didn’t agree with the policy,” he said. “It’s not fair to them, and the state will have to answer for that. I’m not sure they thought that through.”

Cuomo’s efforts come after a similar 2009 ruling by a Brooklyn federal judge who said large adult homes in the city violated the Americans with Disabilities Act.


  • Sanford Manor Home Care Agency in Flushing
  • Queens Adult Care Center in Elmhurst
  • Belle Harbor Manor
  • Long Island Living Center
  • New Haven Manor Home for Adults
  • Rockaway Manor Home for Adults
  • Seaview Manor Home for Adults
  • Wavecrest Home for Adults
  • Surfside Manor Home for Adults



  • resident

    i am from 2 years a resident a adult home in Qeens and Gouverner’s decison changing in my opinion character of the adult homes in real adult homes not a mental dysfunctional instytution like are now. .In myy adult home mostlyare only mentaly ill patients, and facility do not managing this kind residents, because is not a reall mental hospital facility .I dont now how many non mental resident live in my facility but sytuation is bad.residents smoking everywhere in every door stay some smokers, and never keep 50 feet distance from exit recomendet for nonsmokin facility.Residents have on second floor” smoking room” but walking aroud facility with burning cigarettes. Stuff do not reacting or just feel powerless. In evey place of the facility you can find cigarettes on the floor, smog is a problem for a people with respiratory problems.Many smokers every morning breathing on oxygon devicec in medical rooms or pick in a widows with medical distrybutors spray for breathing improvement after giong and smokking all day..I have impression like smokking is only one think realy interesting and keep busy residents in facility.Many residenc constantly beging acros a facility by shoping center or just on the side walk.I feel realy strengh comme ou of the building because residens around realy have enouh this kind activity on the street.Whaever by exit was located sign “non smoking area” residens of the facility al lday spend siting on the stairs and smoking.Is hard sometime go to facility, because smog all over and accec to handreeal is blocked. Conversatiion with residence do not made sense, because mental desability of them, staff looking like boring or defenslesin this this CreasyCcircle. 25 % of mentall ill residence idea is smarft in my oopinion, because now is a litle chance have in a room a normal person.i have bad experience living with 4 diferente mentaly ill persons, and like normal person and student of the colleage i had a realy bad time.Finally menagment located me in one person room and my life is normal.i do not have now reason for any complain accept not controlled smokin in nonsmoking facility.Management did many personal changes and finally we have there a realy correct people in correct place.Bad fruits was fired and live ther is almost perfect by past bad experiene.Vision of the Goverment limitation in one way is good for residencts whose is not mentally ill because pressure of the mentall disable population change this facility w melfunction psychiatric place. 25 % mental ill resident policy can be easly menaged by actualy hired crew and another residences can feell more normal and free from many limmitation providet in facility because mental patients an doing life ther harsh and troubled sometime.My only qestion is about feeling all empty beds by normal residences. Lookuing like is not to many wolunters and management can be forced financialy to lock down facilities or exchange in hotels or students camp.

  • Resident22

    i am resident Mr. Edelman Adult Home and way how he running this home is poor.I dont know why he take any voice in this topic .His familly running actualy two Adult Homes and he represent money intrest not residence.His opinion do not have any valiue in this case.You can ask residences of the Adult homes what is their opinions not owners, whose care about profit not real improvement like we can see in Home runed by Edelman familly. I belive this adult home can be good place if ammount a mental ilness residenrts will be limmited to 25%. Actualy mental dissable residents owercome facility those is not ready for this kind service and managing this problem in poor way.