MTA plan reduces future fare hikes

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MTA customers received some cost-saving news Wednesday.

The transit agency said that it expects increased cost cutting, lower expenses and higher operating revenues will allow it to reduce previously announced 2015 and 2017 fare and toll hikes from 7.5 to 4 percent.

The reduction was outlined in the MTA’s Final Proposed 2014 Budget and Four-Year Financial Plan, which was released today.

“We try to keep costs down in order to minimize the financial burden on our customers, and as this financial plan shows, we are succeeding in that effort,” said MTA Chairman and CEO Thomas F. Prendergast. “Our customers want value, which is quality and quantity of service, and that service has to be reliable and safe. Through this financial plan, that’s what we work to provide.”

The MTA Board will vote on whether to adopt the Final 2014 Budget and Four-Year Financial Plan in December.



  • yip

    wow…I guess we’re supposed to be ‘grateful’ the MTA is ‘only’ raising fares 4%? How bout the MTA stop wasting money instead of raising fares? Why do they waste our money having their union salary workers spend an entire freeking day…repainting a crumbling subway staircase? …repainting crumbling support beams inside stations? Oh yeah, those new coats of paint totally improve the appearance of these falling-apart stations eh? Wrong. It’s just a way for them to keep on their workers but making up ‘excuses’ for work. And how much are they paying for those cans of paint? Probably top dollar. Have you ever seen these workers painting the stairs? They purposefully paint REAL SLOWWWW…to make the job take all day. Who is managing the MTA and how they waste our taxpayer dollars?