Man struck, killed by vehicles in College Point

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A man died when he was struck by two vehicles in College Point on Tuesday, November 12.

A pedestrian died Tuesday morning after he was hit by two vehicles in College Point.

Brian Howell, 47, was crossing 14th Avenue at the intersection of 129th Street around 6:45 a.m. when a Toyota Camry, traveling westbound on 14th Avenue, struck him, knocking him into the eastbound lane, said cops. He was then hit by a 2000 Suburban that was driving eastbound.

The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police said the drivers of both vehicles remained at the accident location. The investigation is ongoing and the NYPD’s Highway Patrol Collision Investigation Squad is reviewing the circumstances.




  • Anonymous

    howell his name is howell

    • Anonymous

      Thank you, his name is Brian Howell. He will be missed.

      • Brian Toia

        He was a Co worker of mine at Con Edison. He was a good guy and always had something funny to say. RIP Brian and god bless. My condolences to your family and friends.

      • Brian Toia

        He was a Co worker of mine at Con Edison. Great guy. RIP Brian.

  • Joshua Davis

    He was a great ConEd worker and will greatly missed. Represent from the boys in the Environmental Ops.

  • Al Cinamon

    As per standard operating procedure, neither driver will be charged with anything. It will be labeled an accident and another soul will be added to the list of people who are legally killed by automobile.

    • Brian’s Girlfriend

      The 1st driver DID NOT go scott free. He was arrested on the scene and there’s a full investigation going on.

  • alyson

    does he have kids .i saw the road closed off and the body laying there and i started to cry .and was saying to myself i hope he doesnt leave any little ones behind.its the holiday and it was so hard for me to see this

  • Neighbor

    leaves behind a son that lost his mother a few years ago and still hasnt recovered from it. now this. what a tragedy. iv shared the house with him since february and he welcomed me with open arms since day 1 and shared a few beers. never a bad moment with him all laughs nd poking fun. im going to miss him. i couldnt have asked for a better neighbor. he became a good friend always trying to help out with anything. so sad. RIP Buddy.

    • Brian’s Girlfriend

      To Neighbor,
      Brian Jr’s mom passed away 1 year ago. On top of that his birthday was without BOTH his parents on the 21st of Nov. He just turned 24.

  • Anonymous

    Very sad, drivers should not speed in local neighborhoods,be ready to stop anytime, for umpredictables, for people, for animals, I am very sad is the lost of a person that meant a lot to someone, so sorry

  • John Grant

    Brian had a hard life, but he was always upbeat. he never stop trying.
    I knew him is when he workedn substations. God bless you Brian you found peace at last.

  • Billy Anderson

    Always saw Brian in the neighborhood, always had nice things to say. What a great guy incuding his son, Brian. He will be missed. RIP.

  • Jim brady

    Rest in peace! ! You were a good dude!!

  • Gerard Laskowski

    Rest in peace Brian, we had alot of laughs,prayers to his family

    • John Grant

      Gerard was a service held for Brian? Please let me know
      Thanks John


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  • Brian’s Girlfriend

    To All Of Brian Howell’s Co-workers,
    Thank you so much for your condolences. You can share your stories of Brian Howell Sr. on his Facebook page. Would love to hear the funny ones.