Jamaica Station celebrates 100 years

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Photos courtesy of the MTA
Photos courtesy of the MTA

Jamaica Station celebrated 100 years in operation on October 23.

The bustling Jamaica Station recently celebrated a century as the transportation hub of southeast Queens.

“We celebrate the 100th anniversary of Jamaica Station assured that it will continue to play a strategic role in the future of mass transit in our region,” said Thomas Prendergast, MTA Chair and CEO.

The station opened in 1913 and today takes in 150,000 daily commuters and is the transfer point for 10 of the LIRR’s 11 branches.

Jamaica Station was completely rehabilitated a decade ago, including the addition of the AirTrain terminal. Looking towards the future, the LIRR’s century-old headquarters building on Archer Avenue and Sutphin Boulevard is going to be restored.

“We hope, with this restoration, to be here at least another 100 years,” said Helena Williams, LIRR President.

The station building is home to the oldest railroad in the country still operating under its original name. In the coming years, the MTA and LIRR are planning more than $300 million in infrastructure improvements as part of the first phase of the Jamaica Capacity Improvements Project. This phase will create a path from the station to Grand Central Terminal and East Midtown for the first time, among other additions.

The MTA Police Honor and Color Guard, railroad officials, MTA members, the Greater Jamaica Development Corporation (GJDC) and local elected officials joined the 100th anniversary ceremony on October 23.

Carlisle Towery, GJDC President, said the station has been “key” to the organization’s efforts to revitalize the downtown Jamaica area.

“We look forward to the next 100 years of progress,” he said.



  • http://cleanupjamaicaqueens.wordpress.com/ Joe Moretti

    Of course idiot Queens Borough President Helen Marshall was there for a photo op, I wonder if any of our other local useless leaders where there as well, hell if a camera is going to be there, I am sure they will be too. It is what they do best.

    Amazingly, Helen Marshall, who thankfully will be out of office after 12 very long and destructive years for Queens, never comes to Jamaica to take a look at the many quality of life problems in our community, but have some photo-op, some ceremony, some ribbon cutting bullshit and this douche bag will be there.

    Well 100 Happy Birthday Sutphin Blvd LIRR/Subway Station, hopefully in the next couple of years the entire area that surrounds you will get a major facelift. I doubt that Marshall will fare that well.