Identify this place in Queens

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Where is this in Queens?

Do you know where in Queens this photo was taken?

Guess by commenting below!

The answer will be revealed next Friday.


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  • P

    This is in Whitestone on Clintionville Street between 14th Road and Cross Island Pkwy

  • Susan T Erdmann

    St. Nicholas Orthodox Church on Clintonville Street in Whitestone, NY
    I am a lifetime member

  • Anonymous

    St Nicholas Orthodox Church of Whitestone. My Grandfather
    Steven Timoshuk was one of the original founders of our parish.
    I am a life long member of St. Nicholas.My children and grandchildren also are members.
    Dorothy Tymus

  • Barbara Dzubak

    This is St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church of Whitestone. I’ve attended this church since 1959.

  • Jenny

    Roosevelt Avenue, Jackson Heights

  • tamara

    st.nicholas russ. orth. church
    14-65 clintonville street – whitestone,ny 11357