Identify this place in Queens

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Identify this place in Queens

Do you know where in Queens this photo was taken?

Guess by commenting below!

The answer will be revealed next Friday.


Last week’s answer to “Identify this Place”: Water View Diner in Howard Beach  (now closed)


  • Angelica Katz

    Benjamin S. Rosenthal Library’s Chaney-Goodman-Schwerner Clock Tower at Queens College!

  • mamie

    The answer is the Benjamin Rosenthal library with the chaney-schwerner-Goodman clocktower located in flushing, new York.

    • Jamie

      The identity of this place is the Benjamin S. Rosenthal library which has the Chaney-Schwerner-Goodman clocktower at Queens college- Cuny located in Flushing, New York

  • Anonymous

    queens college library. I’m literally standing right in front! how ironic to see this weeks photo to be where I am now