Councilmember Ruben Wills going homeless for three days

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Councilmember Ruben Wills is going homeless to experience firsthand how our city's poorest live.

Councilmember Ruben Wills is stepping into the shoes of our city’s homeless, quite literally.

Tuesday morning, Wills began a three-day journey in which he intends to live the life of a homeless person and experience any hardships firsthand.

“He’s really going all out,” said a spokesperson for Wills. “He wants to get a perception of how people would react to him.”

The councilmmember started his experiment at the Q6 bus shelter on Rockaway Boulevard and Baisley Boulevard, dressed in jeans, a sweater, a camouflage jacket, scarf and hat. He slept there before heading to a nearby gas station to “pump gas for change” for transportation costs.

In between hours of pumping gas, Wills went to eat at a local soup kitchen. Tuesday evening he was on his way to the South Ferry Terminal, where he plans on spending the night.

Tomorrow, Wills is going to try and get into a local homeless shelter and the next day hopes to visit a hospital “to see how quickly they [admit] him and how they react to him,” said the spokesperson.

The spokesperson added that he does have a cell phone on him, but “we really had to force that on him.”




  • Joe Moretti

    Boy, talk about a publicity stunt.

    REALLY, exactly what is the point of this very obvious publicity stunt Wills. This has been done for years by actual reporters who did week long stories on this and stayed on the streets longer than three days.

    Wills, a questionable and just another in a long line of useless and do nothing local Jamaica politicians, is going to play “homeless” like some little girl plays “house”.

    Here is a suggestion: How about playing Councilman, something that you get paid very handsomely to do and you can start by cleaning up the community of Jamaica of all its garbage, especially in your district. Start with that horrible section of South Road, which you and your cronies are changing the name to Tuskegee Airmen Way, which is an insult to those brave men, naming a street know for prostitution, shootings, crime, drugs, abandoned homes and garbage after them.

    So Jamaica, the worst community as far as quality of life in Queens and Councilman Wills decides to play Willie the Hobo.

    • jackson

      What slap on the face to homeless people. He’s mocking them.

  • Joe Moretti

    Here is more of a slap in the face to the homeless from Ruben Wills. In 2011 he tried to close down the Skyway Hotel Homeless Shelter in South Ozone Park. Read it at

  • cleanupjamaicaqueens

    Let’s see all you Ruben Wills fans in Jamaica try to rationalize this idiotic publicity stunt. It serves no purpose what-so-ever, does not bring any attention to the problem and solves nothing. We already know the issue, the question is WHAT is being done about it. Wills is also a huge hypocrite, today he is playing “homeless advocate” and in 2011 he is trying to get a men’s shelter out of the area. You cannot have it both way, you have to pick a position and stick with it.

    Again this serves absolutely no purpose what-so-ever except as a very transparent publicity stunt.

    So go ahead folks, make some comments why this is a wonderful thing and how Ruben Wills is so great. You idiots voted him in for a second term.

  • cleanupjamaicaqueens

    He couldn’t even hack three days, he supposedly has pneumonia. Like he did not know this before he started this crap publicity stunt.