Bloomberg signs last bills as mayor, including indoor e-cigarette ban

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NYC Mayor’s Office Flickr / Photo by Edward Reed
NYC Mayor’s Office Flickr / Photo by Edward Reed

Mayor Bloomberg signed his final 22 bills on Monday, Dec. 30, including an indoor ban on e-cigarettes in restaurants, offices, parks, beaches and other public spaces.

Michael Bloomberg held a marathon bill signing session Monday, enacting his final 22 pieces of legislation as mayor, including an indoor ban on e-cigarettes.

The new law includes electronic cigarettes in the city’s Smoke-Free Air Act and will prohibit their use in restaurants, offices, parks, beaches and other public spaces.

“E-cigarettes heat up a chemical solution and emit vapors to provide its user with nicotine, the same highly addictive ingredient found in combustible cigarettes. The next generation of potential smokers could gravitate to getting their nicotine fix from these products,” Bloomberg said.

A protestor who was at the bill signing lit up a cigarette and read a statement against the smoking ban, according to published reports.

Additional legislation Bloomberg signed Monday included a bill that could lead to the ban of plastic foam containers following a year-long study to determine if the material can be recycled, and the creation of a database to track expenditures related to Sandy.

“EPS [Expanded Polystyrene] foam is a major source of litter, where it often breaks up into small pieces, littering our streets, waterways, catch basins, and neighborhood sidewalks. EPS foam also costs the city money. The city must pay $1.8 million annually to have it landfilled where it can sit for more than five hundred years,” Bloomberg said.



  • Anonymous

    Bloomberg should just leave without more people dispising him and less contempt. He’s done enough damage to the city!

  • Anonymous

    Bloomberg should have cleaned up the mess with the unions and paid the city workers instead of leaving the mess for DiBlasio and having it look like DiBlasio ruined the city. We’ve been without a contract for 3-5 years depending on the union.

  • Anonymous

    If you NOW don’t like him, why did you vote for him three times?