BREAKING NEWS: School bus strike officially announced, will begin Wednesday

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The school-bus strike could begin as early as Wednesday.

UPDATE: Local 1181 representatives announced a strike will begin among school bus drivers on Wednesday, January 16.

A walkout could still be averted if a deal is reached before that time.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and School’s Chancellor Dennis Walcott issued a statement regarding the impending school bus strike at a press conference on Monday.

“Should they decide to strike it would necessarily jeopardize the education and safety of more than 150,000 students who take school buses every single day,” said Bloomberg.

According to Bloomberg, the city cannot legally offer what Local 1181 of the Amalgamated Transit Union is hoping to obtain – job protection.

Should the strike occur, students in grades kindergarten through six will be issued metro cards with students in kindergarten through second grade eligible for an extra metro card for parents who wish to accompany their children to school. Parents driving their children to school can receive gas reimbursements at 55 cents per mile.

Local 1181 will allegedly issue a statement regarding the strike sometime this afternoon.

  • Sammy

    Mr. Bloomberg has said the unions aren’t telling the parents the truth yet he is being shady and misleading when he stated today that he can’t negotiate with the union because the union drivers are not employed by the city and that the union and drivers should talk to the private bus companies, however he failed to mention that the issue is with the “city” contract given to the bus companies and the omission of the EPP that had been put in the “city” contract by a court judge in 1979 to protect workers and yet now the “city” wants to remove this important clause. Shame on you, you deceitful man.