Why did he know how to shoot?

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It has been revealed that Nancy Lanza regularly took her son Adam with her whenever she went to the firing range to practice shooting her guns. She even taught him how to shoot. If her son had emotional problems, why in the name of God would she have been teaching him how to use guns? This does not make any sense at all, especially if he was emotionally and mentally unstable. She may very well have contributed to him becoming a mass murderer. This is yet another disturbing fact regarding this senseless and wanton slaughter of 27 innocent people, 20 of which were beautiful, loving children who had their whole lives ahead of them . . . until 9:40 a.m. on Friday, December14, when Newtown, Connecticut — and the entire nation — was plunged into unimaginable horror, shock and grief because of the demonic rage of a madman.

John Amato

Fresh Meadows


  • chungdehtien

    i’ve being think about this family. i sorta realized this, a broken pieces of American life that fell apart and it took down allot of families with it. the father and mother are both conservative, meaning they both own guns and knows how to use them. their autistic child was very smart but had a hard time associating with other kids, the parent got divorced the father and the older son do not want anything to do with the autistic child so the mother took it ( i’m assuming). the autistic child does not belong to any club or outdoor activities, he was a prisoner in a house (self imposed maybe) with a mother who is very uptight and frustrated, home school didn’t help, and the mom herself most likely autistic as well, my thought is that. yes, i too grew up with a mother who is autistic, i have a son who have autism. i understand the isolation. but my family never own any weapon. and i belong to allot of clubs when i grew up. i think if that autistic child was a member of a club or group that let him be himself with with the support of his dad and brother and mom. if he was not afraid to express himself in a fun creative way he would turn out different. i don’t think he was a monster like jeffrey dahmer. i think the part about a so call average American community like this one, is the self imposed, social stigma of conservative social status in your community, or family or friend, put on by the parent is too unrealistic may be self delusional. its ok to ask for help. the trouble mother and the child should not have be left alone that long. autistic children and some adult don’t express themselves as easily as normal people. frustration builds up and it hard for them to express it. plus if they have a distinct character of being obsessive compulsive disorder, this can be dangerous. as in all the dangerous pieces fall into place. i don’t believe in guns. i think in a normal civilized society people don’t live in fear. this whole crazy idea that gun owner are not crazy is stupid. facts are so call normal people think they are normal and so do crazy people. it a gray line everyone cross but no one what to admit it. self fulfilling prophecy is more then a way of life in America it is a standard way to which we as a country suffer though our problems day to day.