Weekend Roundup

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Top headlines from around the web
Top headlines from around the web

25 Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested as group gathers in Washington Square Park

Occupy Wall Street protesters are gearing up for a Monday demonstration to mark the first anniversary of the movement — and give the 1% a fresh headache. Nearly 200 scruffy anti-capitalists swarmed Washington Square Park on Saturday in a warmup for Monday morning, when the activists will march on Wall Street and attempt to disrupt rush-hour traffic. Read more: Daily News

Queens teenager shot to death outside of Boys And Girls High School in Brooklyn

A Queens teenager was found shot to death outside of a historic Brooklyn High School on Friday. Police responding to a 911 call found Kaiim Vieira, 17, outside of Boys and Girls High School with multiple gunshot wounds. Read more: CBS

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula revealed! Photo surfaces despite his efforts to shield face from media after interview with police

Federal investigators questioned — but later released — one of the filmmakers behind the incendiary anti-Islam video that sparked violent clashes across the Middle East. Nakoula Basseley Nakoula was taken in for questioning near his Southern California home early Saturday, officials said. Read more: Daily News

Driver faces DUI charges following Midtown crash

A man is facing drunk driving charges after his car smashed into a passenger van near Radio City Music Hall in Midtown this morning, injuring six people. Police say a Mercedes sedan ran a red light and smashed into a GO Airlink passenger van around 4:45 a.m. at Sixth Avenue and 50th Street near Radio City Music Hall. Read more: NY1

When it comes to Queens politics, Asian-language media have it covered

When Democratic Assembly candidate Ron Kim — fresh off a hard-fought primary win — visited two senior centers in Flushing on Friday, he was greeted by a crush of reporters and photographers. Kim is one step closer to making history by becoming the first Korean-American lawmaker in the State of New York. And while that’s an interesting story for any reporter it’s huge news for the scores of Asian-language newspapers, radio stations and television stations that aggressively cover Queens politics on a daily basis. Read more: Daily News

Wheelchair softball tourney takes place in Queens

When a car accident paralyzed Joe Mendez 20 years ago, he thought his sports-playing days were over. “It took me a long time to be able to handle the ball, to maneuver the chair and stuff like that,” he said. “It takes time and effort.” He eventually re-learned to play softball, on wheels. Read more: NY1