Valentine’s Day Love Stories: Louis Mascaro and Rosemary Stanton

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Louis Mascaro and Rosemary Stanton (1)w

Louis Mascaro and Rosemary Stanton have been together for seven years.

With Valentine’s Day upon us, The Queens Courier asked local couples what made them fall – and stay – in love.

Louis Mascaro and Rosemary Stanton

Q: How long have you been together?

A: Seven years

Q: How did you meet?

LM: I was sitting in some corner feeling sorry for myself and she came and said “hi” and that was that.

RS: He was a friend when I needed a friend.

Q:What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

LM: Probably get some flowers and chocolate. Have a nice dinner of shrimp cocktails and lobster.

Q:What are some activities you do together as a couple?

RS: Just about everything. We go on trips together, do yoga and watch movies.

Q: What qualities or traits do you like about your partner?

RS: He’s a good baker, he’s kind and considerate

LM: She’s a nice, kind, feeling lady.

Q: Any memorable moment in the relationship?

RM: Just being together.


  • Irving D. Kaplan

    We danced together quite abit. When Lou came onto the scene, RoseMary took a liking to him. The rest is history.

    • Irving D. Kaplan

      When we danced together I was a married man. RoseM was a widow. Louis was the perfect match.